The secret recipe to a stress-free summer holiday

Well that came around quick - the summer holidays are here again!

It’s funny how, even though it happens every year, if you’re a busy parent with work or other commitments, the holidays can still have a habit of creeping up on you.

A six-week hiatus from the classroom is the stuff of dreams for your children, but let’s face it, finding enough summer holiday activities to keep the family entertained for July and August can be a full-time job in itself.

Are you fed up of hearing "I'M BORED" or of your children being glued to electronic devices?

Well, we hear you!

The good news is, the long, magical days of fun games, activities and trips out that the whole family dream of can be a reality with Freedom Leisure summer holiday clubs.

The ‘bad’ news? Only that it has to end when it’s time to go back to school… we’re sorry.

No boredom allowed – the recipe for success

Our affordable kids summer holiday camps are perfected over a number of years. With our 97 leisure centres across the UK, we’ve had plenty of practice to hone our craft, and lots of happy families who keep coming back year on year.

The secret to happy, healthy kids over the summer is simple:


Multiple centres across the UK
Passionate staff
Varied facilities – such as sports halls, play areas, sports pitches, swimming pools, outdoors space, studios
A mixed bag of equipment – including soft play, bouncy castles, trampolines, balls, rackets, craft kit, face paint, music  etc.


Step one: Take one local, multi-use leisure centre, with varied facilities.

Step two: Mix in one team of passionate, fully trained, dynamic staff, armed with a bunch of fun ideas to keep the kids guessing.

Step three: Add one jam-packed activity plan that serves smiles all round and keeps everyone on their toes (us included!).

Step four: Sprinkle with equipment

My children had just the best time, thank you so much for looking after them! They'll sleep well tonight!


As working parents, the summer holidays fill us with dread, but Freedom Leisure’s holiday camps were affordable yet packed full of activities that would be expensive if done individually, so both the kids and us were happy!


What’s on the menu?

Whatever they’re into, whether football takes their fancy or painting is their passion; if it’s games that keep them guessing or bouncy castles that leave them beaming, there’s something for everyone on the summer activity programmes.

We make sure no two days are the same, whether you drop them off for a half day or full, for one week or two, or even the full six – ‘No boredom allowed’ is the mantra at the heart of what we do.

There are a few summer holiday activity options:

Holiday clubs

Leave your child with a packed lunch at one of our centres for most or all of the day while you work or go about yours. Clubs run for the whole holiday duration and you can book as much or as little as you’d like – with some centres offering Fridays for free if you book a full week.

However long you choose, we’ll take care of everything with a range of fun indoor and outdoor activities; it’s like childcare, but better – often far lower cost (and much more fun) than other options.

Specific activity holiday camps

Does your child want to learn a new sport, or focus on a particular skill? Our focused courses run from one day up to two weeks across a number of activities such as football, climbing, martial arts, gymnastic, swimming and more.

Kids activity sessions

A full programme of timetabled drop-ins awaits, including badminton, football, cricket, swimming and more. Leave the kids with us for an hour or two of fun and pick them up full of beans when done.

Family fun

We know that playtime’s not just for them – so don’t worry, we’ve got you covered too, with plenty of activities that you can do together as a family.

Swimming, racket sports, trampolining, climbing, even ten pin bowling at some of our centres – with 97 across the UK, there’s something for everyone, whatever you’re into. Holidays are a great time to make memories as a family, so if your’e not working take them along to the local leisure centre from affordable fun activities – like you use to do as a kid!

Sail into summer stress free with Freedom Leisure

So if you’re looking for things to do with the kids over summer holidays; for a way to rescue them from boredom and give them a summer to remember; and give them a much-needed break to let loose and run wild (under supervision) whilst you recharge, fill out the form below to find out more.


contact your local centre to see what's cooking this summer