Dance yourself to health and happiness

Let’s face it, we all love to dance! At family get-togethers, parties and on nights out – but what about dancing for health? 

First of all dancing is a great cardio workout which can be adapted to all levels of fitness, and latest figures from the UK Chief Medical Officers' Physical Activity Guidlines show that 150 minutes of moderate activity, or 75 minutes of viverous intensity cardio each week keeps your cardiovascular system strong, supporting weight managment and reducing the risk of diabetes abd heart disease by 40%. 

By the way, 75 minutes of dancing a week is just over 10 minutes of dancing a day, or two dance classes in a week - which we think is a fun way to exercise!

Plus there are other benefits of dancing that may surprise you and convince you to start dancing yourslef to happiness...

Dancing boosts self-esteem and the immune system!

Boost self-esteem and your immune system with dance

Dancing is a great way have fun, move your body and work up a sweat, as well as building strength, increasing flexibility and improving coordination. Studies have shown the benefits of dance on both children and adults for improving self-esteem and awareness, confidence and improving social relationships, as well as promoting wellness to strengthen the immune system!

There are so many different variations of dance available to try so you’ll never get bored – Zumba classes, clubbercise (with glow sticks!), aerobics, street dance, and more, not forgetting the dance elements of other popular classes like Body Attack, Piloxing (a merge of pilates and boxing!) and drumfit, to name a few.

Fun for everyone

Dancing is also great fun! At Freedom Leisure we go out of our way to make all sessions accesible and welcoming to everyone, and we have a veriety of different classes too.

Dance your way to happiness now!

We have many different types of dance-based group exercise classes - and everyone is welcome, from jive bunnies to two-left-feeters; just come and have fun and get your heart pumping.

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