September is the new January

Join the 69% who agree that September is the best time to make changes...and stick to them!

In order to achieve your fitness and weight loss goals now is the best time to join the gym!

More than half (59%) of British adults polled* said they wanted to make positive changes to their lifestyle in September, while more than two-thirds (69%) agreed that small improvements made in September were easier to achieve than New Year's resolutions made in January.

join the 69% of people who know that making improvements in September can be better than New Year’s resolutions

#SeptemberIsTheNewJanuary  #PeopleLikeYou

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September means parents have more time with kids back to school, there is a return to routine after a season of vacations, weddings and festivals and everyone generally feels better after summer, when they have been naturally more active and possibly seen some sunshine.

... oh and it beats trying to acheive fitness goals in long, dark, depressing January right?

With some of the best equipped gyms in you local area, swimming pools, hundreds of group exercise classes running each week and multiple sports facilities, our centres have everything for you to make September the new January...and make your fitness goals stick this time!

#SeptemberIsTheNewJanuary  #PeopleLikeYou

*2016 poll of 2000 British adults conducted by Pinterest

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