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If you don't currently include swimming in your weekly workouts, you may want to rethink as the benefits of swimming are endless. A gentle swim can burn over 200 Kcal in half an hour.

Swimming is a really great, yet fairly easy way to tone up. Aside from toning, swimming also provides a good cardiovascular workout – cardiovascular, or cardio, means your heart really gets pumping which is good for heart health, making you fitter and burning calories, thus enabling weight loss.

Swimming uses a lot of the body’s muscles at the same time, while the water supports you to make larger movements with your arms and legs, resulting in you moving them more than you would on land.

As you keep reaching further out with your strokes or kicking wider with your legs, swimming also makes you elongate and stretch out your entire body more, really opening up the joints.

Swimming just 30 minutes a week can help to guard against heart disease, stroke and type-2 diabetes

Alyson Zell - Freedom Leisure Aquatics Manager

12 months swimming for the price of 9

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