Learn to Swim

FAQs about the changes to our Swim Lessons

August 25 2020

We'd like to thank you for your patience, support and loyalty during the enforced period of closure of your community leisure centres - we’re extremely excited to welcome you back to our swim school.

Following safe distance guidelines we’ve made a few changes to our lesson sizes and timings as you will now be aware. These changes have been made to keep everyone safe while still delivering an excellent environment for student learning. Here are some frequently asked questions to help you understand the changes to our swim lessons: 

How will I be notified that I have a space on the swim school?

Our teams are contacting current swim school customers to get them rebooked onto the programme now. If you haven’t received a call, email or text message then please contact your local centre today. When we speak to you, we’ll confirm day & time of lesson and when to expect your first bank payment to be debited.

What if I’m not ready to return to swimming lessons just yet?

If you choose not to return on the date we restart our programme then your membership payment will remain frozen, however we cannot guarantee a programme place on your return due to demand.

Will I get the same lesson day & time as before?

We are following safe distance guidelines. Lesson sizes, pool space and other factors mean that how we would usually divide a pool into lesson stations has had to change. We will where possible rebook customers into the same lesson day & time as previous but as you can appreciate this isn’t always possible so we ask you to be flexible if you can.

Can I get changed & showered before my lesson?

We are following Swim England and Swim Wales guidelines by asking our customers to arrive ‘Beach Ready’ for their lesson. When possible please shower at home before you arrive for your lesson and use the showers available on poolside prior to commencing your lesson.

Are changing facilities available after my lesson?

Some of our Centres have changing areas available however space is limited due to safe distance guidelines. In our changing areas we are following a 1m+ safe distance and parents/ adults must wear face masks while in the changing area at all times.

Do I need to wear a face covering in the swimming pool area?

We are asking that Parents / Adults wear face coverings in the changing areas at all times and encouraging the use of face coverings whilst moving throughout our Centres.

Are there lockers available?

Some of our Centres have lockers available for customers, however due to space some Centres cannot safely offer this service. Please contact your specific Centre to find out their available services.

Can I borrow swim equipment such as goggles, float aids & hats?

We will not lend out equipment such as goggles & hats however each student will have float aids available as & when required during the lesson. The equipment used within each lesson is thoroughly cleaned before & after lessons.

Can I sit on poolside and spectate while my child has a lesson?

Parents of young children can remain in a designated spectator area while their child is in lesson, however parents of older children (8yrs & older) will be asked to wait off site or in a designated waiting area in Centre if one is available. Check with your current Centre to see if they have specific waiting areas.

How will I know what changes have been made when I arrive?

We have safety banners at reception clearly showing the guidelines which must be adhered to. When you arrive for your first swimming lesson our Centre representative will advise you of the changes. Please also look out for updates via email and on our Centres social media page.

It’s been months since the previous lesson, how will I or my child remember what was taught?

You’ll be surprised by what we can remember, however our teachers will recap on important key areas of the Stage/Wave over the first few lessons to ensure active learning continues.

How have these COVID-19 guidelines changed how teachers will interact with students?

Teachers will teach students from poolside and not in the water unless absolutely necessary. There will be no physical contact and safe distancing will always be followed. Float aids and other specific lesson equipment will be used to support younger children as they develop through the Stages/Waves.

What have you done to make swimming lessons safe?

The swimming pool is one of the safest areas to be in due to the chemicals used to keep this area safe & clean. We have increased our cleaning checks and deep cleans across all Centres and we have also adapted our Swim Programs, limiting lesson numbers and staggering timings. Our teachers are also going through IOS Return to Poolside courses prior to our program start date.

Can I arrive early for my swim lesson?

We would ask that you arrive 5 minutes before your lesson is due to start. This gives you time to make your way to the Swimming Pool area, get changed and have a shower before your lesson begins. In some of our Centres we have drop off & pick up areas for parents to drop off their child before & after lessons. Please contact your local Centre to find out specific arrangements.

How do I stay up to date on changes & guidelines in place at my centre?

We would suggest frequently visiting this FAQ page for any additional updates, as well as visiting your Centres webpage and following your Centres social media pages. From time to time we will send news & updates to you via email and text message.

We really are grateful for your patience and understanding at this challenging time and look forward to seeing you in the pool.