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February 9 2017

Kids Holiday Clubs to the rescue this half-term

Freedom Leisure half-term holiday clubs

Finding things to do with the kids during half-term can be a challenge and particularly if you are at work, it becomes a necessity.

At Freedom Leisure we have all-day and half-day Holiday Clubs to keep your children safe, active and healthy throughout the week – so whether it’s a necessary childcare solution or you just want your children to have fun and be active.

it is so reassuring to know that my kid's are not only in safe hands over half-term but they are also with other kid's their age and not staring at a screen all day!

Richard, regular K2 Crawley holiday club user

here are some points to consider

  1. Good value childcare 

For working parents, the school holidays can cause all sorts of childcare challenges. Do you get the time off, or can you find someone to have them for free? If not the only other option is to pay for childcare and a holiday club can be great value. Holiday clubs run at many of our 76 UK leisure centres, find out about your local holiday club here

Not only are holiday clubs relatively inexpensive but they offer good value as your child gets to do loads of different activities, which would cost money if paid for separately.

         2. Flexible schedule

 You may only need to cover some days during the school holidays and holiday clubs are a very flexible solution. Sessions can be anything from half a day, to a full day or even a full week.  At Freedom Leisure you can pick and choose when you want your kind to visit a holiday club and only pay for those hours. 

         3. Keeps kid's active

 It may surprise you that most children are LESS active at the weekends and during the holidays than they are at school.  Given the extra ‘down time’ away from school, a holiday club is a great way to keep your child healthy and active. School holidays are prime time for children to end up parked in front of the TV for a week, which can have an effect on their fitness in just a short time.

         4.Keeps kids entertained

 School holidays can mean the dreaded “I’m booooorrrred” situation! While kids may love the idea of no school, they may soon come to realise they don’t love it as much as they think. A holiday club allows them to experience new things, keep busy an meet new friends too.

         5. Gives you some “me time”

Last but by no means least – kids clubs area great because they give you a little time to yourself – and it’s ok to agree that this is a benefit. Whether you work full time or are a full time parent, both are demanding and a little “me time” benefits both you and your children. Whether you need the time to do some chores, exercise yourself or simply put your feet up, a holiday club can give you this time.

Freedom Leisure kid's holiday club

There are a wide range of kid's holiday club options this February half-term with different activities including fun game, arts and crafts, sports clubs, days out and lot's more! See what is going on at your local Freedom leisure.

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