group exercise at freedom leisure

May 23 2017

roll-out of new music from 1 July 2017

We wish to reassure our customers that the move to Phonographic Performance Limited (PPL) free music for some of our exercise classes is not one that has been taken lightly.

The decision has been made after much research and consideration with trials undertaken, and therefore is a one we are extremely confident in.

We are assured that there will be no detrimental impact to customers and that the new music will be as motivational and buoyant as it is now – in some trials customers failed to notice a change at all.

In the spirit of being open and transparent we can confirm that this change is as a direct response to the continuing and considerable increases in the PPL licence fee, which has now reached a level that is unsustainable for our business. We refuse to pass this cost on to the customer, while savings will also enable us to develop class timetables for the better.

As many other major gym and leisure centre operators have already made the move to PPL free music with successful outcomes, we are confident that we can do the same. We are working with our fitness teams in the lead up to the 1 July, to support them through this change and are providing them with a free library of music for their use.

More than just a leisure centre operator, Freedom Leisure prides itself in enabling active communities, so we ask you to trust that we will continue to deliver the very best group exercise classes available – accompanied by modern and enjoyable music.

A testimonial from a Freedom Leisure member of staff at a centre where the trial was conducted and the roll-out has now happened.

"I have found the move to PPL free music a straightforward process, mainly as there are now so many more companies with high quality, popular music, both new and old. I also found that you can request certain tracks from companies and they will make a PPL version for you – which is a great bonus!

Additionally, as I also teach privately I can take all my PPL free music with me and therefore no longer have to pay a license fee at all.

The best bit, since changing to PPL free music not one person in any of my classes has even noticed the difference.  I have used remixed PPL free music – and some even seem to prefer it."

Class Instructor, Hastings & Rother

 Feedback from customers who attend classes where the trial took place:

"The new music hasn't changed my feelings to spin as I haven’t really noticed a difference. I still really enjoy every session." Charlene Lunnon, Summerfields Leisure Centre 

"I've been doing spin classes during the PPL free transition and due to our instructor keeping classes as enthusiastic and enjoyable as before I hardly noticed any change." Kasey Ellis, Summerfields Leisuer Centre


below are some examples of group exercise classes using PPL free music from our supplier

We appreciate that you may have some comments regarding Freedom Leisure’s move towards using PPL free music within some group exercise classes, these can be made using the comment box below.