Why swimming is great as a family

February 10 2017

Why swimming is such a great family activity

Family swimming

Ok, so aside from the fact that swimming is a great way to keep fit and active, swimming is just a really great thing to do as a family and here’s why…

Splashing, fun, laughter, joy and hugs are the five main reasons why swimming is a lovely family activity and a great way to bond and have fun together – building life-long happy memories.

C’mon think back to your childhood memories of swimming and we reckon they will make you smile – swimming at school in your PJ’s, fun in the pool with your parents, diving for coins and being launched into the air off their knees and splashing down again, racing your mates, seeing who can hold their breath the longest, oh and don’t forget 30p to spend in the vending machine after! You see, going swimming was great wasn’t it!

Ok, so we think we have covered the fact that swimming is just brilliant fun so, here are a few reasons why it is also good for ALL the family…

Babies swimming with Freedom leisure


It is good to introduce babies to the pool from an early age because it’s good for development, improving their co-ordination and muscle strength. In addition, getting children confident in the water from such a young age means they won’t fear the water and starts them off with potentially lifesaving skills, not to mention the fact that it is also a great way for parents and infants to bond.

Introducing our baby to the water was something we wanted to do as early as possible and we found K2 Crawley the perfect fun pool with lots to keep her entertained!

Jon, regular K2 Crawley swimmer
Child swimming at Freedom leisure


Taking younger children swimming is essential for developing their awareness of water safety and their confidence in the water. Ensuring they can swim could be lifesaving and will always be of benefit in later life. It is also great exercise and fun – the perfect way to keep them fit and active without them even knowing it.


Some teens can feel unconfident doing exercise as they may feel that they are not “the sporty type” but swimming is great for all abilities and it burns lots of calories and works the entire body.

Parents swimming at Freedom leisure


As we said at the beginning of this piece, swimming is something the whole family can do together. It can be hard to fit exercise in yourself as a parent – so a family swim kills two birds with one stone.


Swimming is the perfect way to involve grandparents in family fun time. Swimming is a low impact form of exercise, perfect for older generations. It’s easy on the joints and strengthens muscles so can keep older people active whilst having time with their family.

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So what are you waiting for?
Get down to your local pool, have fun and reap the rewards.
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