lockdown in England

Following yesterday's announcement we are hoping to open as many of our centres that we can on Wednesday 2 December and can’t wait to see all of you back in your centre enjoying your fitness regime.

We’ll be opening with all the safety & hygiene measurements that were in place before lockdown.

Our staff will be unavailable to answer phones and emails while they prepare to reopen so please bear with us until we reopen.

We’ll be updating social media and our website with revised timetables and opening hours so be sure to check back regularly and we look forward to seeing you on Wednesday 2 December!


When will you be closing?

Following the Prime Minister’s announcement on Saturday, all our leisure centres in England will close on Wednesday 4th November at their normal closing time as instructed.

When will you be re-opening?

We will re-open as many of our leisure centres on Wednesday 2nd December as we can unless the COVID measures set out by government are extended but this is certainly our intention.

What happens to my membership fees while you are closed?

With lock down expected to end in early December we are pleased to tell you that we will not be taking payment at your next collection date.

  • If your payment is due to be taken in November this will not happen and your payments will start again in December.
  • If we have already taken a collection for November we will not be collecting any money in December, so there will be nothing to pay until January 2021.
  • We will also not be freezing your membership, so that when you return in December there will be nothing for you to do to continue to enjoy the facilities at your local centre.

For those who have a membership paid for in advance you will have an additional month added and this will be done by us. You do not need to do anything and you can return as soon as we reopen.

What if I, my son or daughter are part of the Learn to Swim programme and come every week?

We will be holding your time and day in our programme until we re-open. We will also follow the same process for payments as for membership fees.

What if I have booked for an activity due to take place during lockdown?

Don’t worry you will not be out of pocket. We will hold your booking for you and when we re-open we will re-arrange it as soon as practical.

What if we are a team or club who has booked (invoiced) and already paid for a pitch or sports hall space?

Don’t worry you will not be out of pocket. We will be expecting you to settle any invoices already raised when we get to the end of your payment period and we will add the weeks of use to compensate for time lost. You will retain the same day and time as you had previously.

Are you offering any on line fitness options while centres are closed?

Our centres will be closed and we will be unable to run classes outdoors due to government restrictions. To help you stay active we are delighted to be give you online access to a range of exercise options for all ages and abilities which you can do at home.

Click here to register: https://www.sportengland.org/jointhemovement?section=get_active_at_home

When will I be able to book a fitness class/gym slot again?

We will offer online pre-booking again prior to reopening for those centres that offer this service. For other centres we will be able to take bookings from 2nd December by phone. We will update you further when we know more about our re-opening schedule.

How can I keep updated with any changes or adjustments to your programme?

We will be unable to answer the phones or answer emails at site over lockdown. However, we will be updating our social media platforms and website throughout the period of closure.

We thank you for the continued support of your local leisure centre and for your understanding.

We look forward to welcoming you back very soon.