Wherever possible roads have been closed, sections are on a disused railway track, and traffic has been limited on certain sections of the route. Please do not deviate from the designated route for any reason. This is not only a risk to you but to motorists that may still be using part of the roadway.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, minor adjustments may be made to the route. They will be well signposted and stewards will direct you. In the event of a major incident being declared this race may be stopped or cancelled without warning.

road closures 2019

The town centre road closures will be in place from 6.00am, the race infrastructure will be erected once these closures are set up; this includes an overhead race gantry. All Sunday morning delivery vehicles must have left the town centre before 6.00am. Due to all the current road works on the roads surrounding the town centre you are advised to allow extra time to travel.

The following roads will be closed between 6.00am and 1.30pm

Bridge Street, Gaolgate Street, Market Street, Market Square, Greengate Street (Market Square to South Walls), South Walls (Greengate Street to Junction of Greengate Street Service Road), Eastgate Street (Cope Street to Malt Mill Lane), Malt Mill Lane, North Walls/Salter Street Service Road, Salter Street (part to exit of Vine Hotel Car Park) St Martin’s Place, Martin Street, Greengate Street Service Road, Tipping Street, Stafford Street, Crabbery Street (Except for St John Ambulance), Chapel Street, Princes Street, Mill Street junction of Greengate Street, Mill Street to have one way reversed, Mill Bank to junction of Water Street, Tenterbanks and the cycle route from Izaak Walton Street to Doxey Road.

Earl Street will be closed from 7.00am – 11am for the start of the race and set up of the overhead gantry.

The following town centre roads will also be closed between 9.00am and 10.30am for the start of the race:

Broad Street to junction of Broad Eye, Mount Street, Water Street and Church Lane (if it is possible to do so, after the race has started at 10am the additional security measures will be removed and the access to Mount Street car park will be restored; stewards will control this)

Further road closures will be in place out on the Half Marathon route at various times between 9.15am and 1.00pm, alternative routes will be in place:

Victoria Road and Tenterbanks at its junction with Broadeye

Station Road (access to Station only), Newport Road to Kingsway Island, Friars Road

Baswich Lane Northbound between Weeping Cross and Porlock Avenue

Baswich Lane between Tilcon Avenue and Tixall Road

St Thomas Lane

Weston Road Westbound closure

Marlborough Avenue

Portal Road at its junction with Beaconside

Bertelin Road Junction on B5066 Sandon Road to A513 Sandon Road

(A34) Stone Road Northbound from Greyfriars to Holmcroft Road

(A34) Stone Road Southbound from Beaconside to Holmcroft Road

Parking restrictions on Tenterbanks and South Street from 5.30pm the evening before, Saturday 16 March.

Further information regarding road closures can be viewed at www.roadworks.org 

click image below for a road closure PDF

contact us for more information or call 01785 619300