Stafford Castle's Summer Sunday Entry Conditions

condtions of entry

  1. Admission £5 per person (over 12 years), Free admission children 12 years and under
  2. Under 18's must be accompanied by an adult (aged 18 or over) on a ratio of 1 adult (18 or over) to 8 under 18's
  3. Wristbands will be proof of payment for over 12's and issued to all event visitors, including children as they pass through an entry point
  4. Wristbands must be worn at all times. Anyone found on site without a wristband will be asked to return/escorted to an entry point with any bags in their posession and asked to pay the entry fee and be searched
  5. Event visitors coming onto the site agree to/allow themselves and any bags to be searched by event stewards
  6. Event visitors are not allowed to bring alcohol onto site
  7. Alcohol not purchased on site will be confiscated
  8. Challenge 25 policy in operation
  9. Illegal substances will be confiscated
  10. No glass containers are to be brought onto the site including glass botles, glasses or jars
  11. Amnesty bins will be located at the entry points for seized items
  12. Restricted items not to be brought onto site include: dogs, cycle bikes, laser pens, weapons and sharp objects, BBQ's, flares, fireworks and sparklers, alcohol, illegal substances, glass containers (this is not an exhaustive list)
  13. Any restricted items that the event organisers consider may be used in an illegal or offensive manner will be confiscated
  14. Freedom Leisure reserves the right to refuse admission, no person considered drunk or under the influence of illegal substances will be admitted
  15. Any person considered drunk or under the influence of illegal substances may be/will be removed from the Castle site and surrounding Stafford Borough Council land
  16. Any person who fails ot refuses to comply with instructions from any steward or other persons acting for Freedom Leisure may be removed from the Castle site and surrounding land
  17. Freedom Leisure will not be responsible for damage or injury caused by third parties or for loss or theft of personal property
  18. Stafford Castle is an ancient monument site, event visitors are asked to dispose of litter responsibly and respect the site. Visitors should be aware of the uneven ground conditions
  19. The event organisers reserve the right to stop the event at any stage due to adverse weather conditions and any unforseeable events outside the control of Freedom Leisure. If the event is stopped or cancelled entry fees will not be refunded.