English Lockdown - FAQs

The government in England has confirmed a new national lockdown. Our centres in England are now closed.

If you are a member paying for Fitness, Learn to Swim or any other type of membership we guarantee you won’t lose out and we will make sure you do not pay for a service that you are unable to use.

We want to give everyone  the ‘confidence and reassurance’ to use our Centres now and in the future. For more information on our 'Customer Guarantee' please follow this link.

Here are some answers to questions you maybe want to ask us at this time:

Frequently asked questions:

When will you be closing?

Following the Prime Minister’s announcement, all our leisure centres in England are now temporarily closed. We are disappointed in this outcome but we realise our role in trying to supress the spread of the virus in the regions we operate.

When will you be reopening?

We are not able to confirm a reopening date as yet and we await further reviews from the government on when we can reopen.

It may not be possible to open all our centres straightaway but we are hopeful that centres will open on a phased basis in consultation and agreement with our local authority partners, whose leisure service we operate on their behalf.

What happens to my membership fees while you are closed?

We are pleased to tell you that we will not be collecting any membership fees until further notice.

  • Members who paid by direct debit in December and could not access leisure centres for part of the month will have their next payment adjusted to compensate for the days that centres were closed.
  • Members that made a payment on 4 January 2021 will not be financially disadvantaged and we will either adjust the next collection amount or not collect a payment when we reopen depending on the date we are able to reopen.

There is no need for you to do anything, please do not cancel your direct debit. Your membership stays live in our system but you will not be charged and as soon as we know when we can re-open we’ll give to notice on when your payments will restart and then you can start back straightaway.

For those who have a membership paid for in advance we will extend your membership for the period that we are closed and this will be done by us. You do not need to do anything and you can return as soon as we reopen.

What if I, my son or daughter are part of the Learn to Swim programme and come every week?

We will be holding your time and day in our programme until we re-open. Your payments have been suspended and you will not be financially disadvantaged in any way.

What if I have booked for an activity or product during lockdown already?

Don’t worry you will not be out of pocket. We will hold your booking for you and when we re-open we will re-arrange your booking as soon as practical.

What if we are a team or club who has booked (invoiced) and already paid for a pitch or sports hall space?

Don’t worry you will not be out of pocket. We will be expecting you to settle any invoices already raised when we get to the end of your payment period and we will add the weeks of use to compensate for time lost.

Are you offering any fitness activity during lockdown?

Our centres will be closed and we will be unable to run classes outdoors due to government restrictions, but we will be posting regularly on our Facebook pages content that will keep you active over lockdown with your family or on your own including workout programmes, wellbeing and mental health advice as well as nutritional tips. If you are not following your local centre on Facebook, please search for your local leisure centre name and like and follow them so you’ll see the latest information in your news feed.

We are also working in partnership with Sport England and Sports Wales to offer their online platforms so you can access a huge array of classes and fitness programmes for all ages and abilities from home. The links to access the content is available to all, wherever you live:

  1. Join the Movement: Sport England: click here
  2. #BeActiveWales campaign: Sports Wales: click here

When will I be able to book a fitness class/gym slot again?

We will offer online pre-booking again prior to reopening for those centres that offer this service. We will update you further when we know more about our reopening schedule.

How can I keep updated with any changes or adjustments to your programme?

We will be unable to answer any email enquiries or answer the phones at site over lockdown. However, we will be updating our social media platforms and website throughout the period of closure so please do check on a regular basis and ‘follow us’ on each centre’s social media channels.

We thank you for the continued support of your local leisure centre and for your understanding.

We look forward to welcoming you back very soon.