Lift Update

January 12 2017

Update 6th April 2017

Replacement lift at Waterworld

We, along with Wrexham County Borough Council, are happy to confirm that a new lift for Waterworld has now been agreed and ordered.

Work on the plans, bespoke build and resulting installation has begun, and we ask that customers continue to bear with us a while this is carried out as quickly as possible.

A new lift is being designed, built and will then installed by Concept Elevators, who have confirmed that sometime is needed to achieve this, thus it is our expectation that the new lift will be in operation by end of summer.

The existing lift has unfortunately been out-of-order since October, despite a number of attempts at repairs. We know that centre users have faced considerable disruption and sympathise with their frustrations, we offer our most sincere apologies as we too have been greatly frustrated by it being out of action. It certainly has not been in our interest to have such a crucial facility inoperable for such a long period of time.

Anyone in need of assistance with access in the interim should request the help of our staff members.

We would like to thank Wrexham County Borough Council for continuing to work with us on the repair and now replacement of the lift.