Lift Update

January 12 2017

Update 10th March 2017

Both Freedom Leisure and WCBC wish to assure all users of Waterworld that we are working tirelessly to repair the broken lift. It really is not in our best interest to have this crucial facility out of action as it impacts so greatly upon our users.

A series of complications with the lift caused the extended delay, which is as frustrating for our team as it is for the public. We have already had bespoke parts manufactured for the lift but nether has been successful in fixing the fault. We have pursued the manufacture of another part - which is being delivered - and hope this will fix the lift and return it to full use.

We apologise for anyone who has been affected by the lift having been out-of-order so far.

Dear Customer,

Please accept my most sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused by the centre lift being out of order.

I wanted to update you on the current status of the lift repair, as we have unfortunately experienced several issues since it first went out of service, which is why it has been out of order the length of time it has.

Inititally the new parts required had to be specially manufactured leading to a delay in the repair. However, once the new parts were fitted it was discovered that there were further issues requiring repair. As as resiult we are now obtaining quotes for a new lift to be fitted.

I work to reassure you that we are working to get the lift back in use as soon as possible and can only, once again, apologise for any inconvenience this may be causing you.

I will continue to provide updates where possible.

Thank you for your continued patience, 


Richard Milne

General Manager