New gym classes and indoor cycling timetable!

We're shaking things up!

New gym classes and indoor cycling timetable available now!

Maximise your time in the gym, motivate your training in a group environment and make the most of our friendly trained instructors who will guide you to undertaking an effective workout with hints tips and challenges that will revolutionise the way you exercise.

Our exciting new programme with an extended selection of daily classes is available now:

workout of the day

Energise your day with an intense 30 minute session designed to get your heart pumping and ensure you're ready for anything!

Mondays 7:05-7:35am Beth Gym floor
Tuesdays 7:05-7:35am Conrad Gym floor
Wednesdays 7:05-7:35am Conrad Gym floor
Thursdays 7:05-7:35am Conrad Gym floor

Indoor Cycle

Join us in the studio for a journey to fitness. Suitable for all levels of fitness and ability our instructor will lead you on climbs, flats and descents with motivational music and lots of encouragement!
Mondays 8:40-9:10 (30) Beth Studio 1
Mondays 19:25-20:10 (45) Amanda Studio 1
Wednesdays 18.00 - 18.30 (30)   Studio 1
Thursdays 19:30-20:15 (45) Beth Studio 1
Sundays 8:40-9:10 (30) Chris Studio 1

Wellness Circuits

A group class primarily for those who qualify under an exercise referral or rehab scheme. Following a stretch and warm up  participants work through a series of short exercise that can be tailored to the individual, ending with a stretch and warm down. 
Tuesdays 15:00-15:45   Gym floor
Fridays 11.00-11:45   Gym floor

The Takeover

Friday nights. 45 minutes. The ultimate group workout for the weekend!

Fridays 19:45-20:30 Beth Gym floor
The Omnia Multi Station Fitness Rig

Body Blast

Make full use of the Omnia Rig in this group training session. You'll not only have a great workout, feel fitter and enjoy the support and motivation that comes from training with others, you'll also gain confidence in using the equipment in your own time.

Tuesdays 8:40-9:10 Conrad Omnia
Thursdays 8:40-9:10 Conrad Omnia

Abs Blast

Focussed on abs this class does what it says on the tin. Build your core strength with our intense 30 minute workouts!
Mondays  9:35-10:05 Beth Gym floor
Tuesdays 9:20-9:50 Conrad Gym floor
Wednesdays 8:45-9:15 Conrad Gym floor
Thursdays 9:20-9:50 Conrad Gym floor
Thursdays 17:45-18:15 Beth Gym floor

Introduction to lifting

Weight lifting isn't just about bulking up and building muscle mass, additional benefits include improved posture, better sleep, gaining bone density, weight loss maintenance, boosting metabolism, and lowering inflammation. Why not start your lifting journey here?
Wednesdays 18:45-19:15 Sol Gym floor

the important bits!

What do the sessions cost? 
The gym based classes are included in your normal gym admission fee, Indoor Cycling classes cost  £4.30 for 30 minute class.
If you're a monthly or annual member your session is included in your membership entitlement.

Do have to book?  Yes - spaces are limited. Book up to 7 days in advance and then pay for your normal gym entry ticket when you arrive. PLEASE cancel asap if you can't attend and release your place so that someone else can attend - these are small classes.

How do I book?  Book in person, calll 01483 730965 or book online

Can anyone do the classes?  Yes you wil be able to work at your own level and the instructor will help you to achieve your best result. If you have a specific query please speak to one of the team, they'll be happy to help!

Do I have to be a member?  No you can "pay and play" but if you want to participate in a couple of sessions each week it may be worth taking out a membership to save money - find out more here: join online

online bookings

Book online up to 7 days in advance. If you are a member register your key card to receive any associated discount or simply book your activity as a non-user.

book online here