learn to swim (school age children)

Freedom Leisure is the only public provider of swimming tuition for Woking Borough, offering over 200 lessons weekly for adults, children and customers with special needs. Supporting these we run holiday courses, dip-in courses and one-to-one lessons.

school age children

Stage 1 level and above swim in a continuous lesson programme which runs for 50 weeks of the year including state school holiday periods (2 weeks off at Christmas).

class information 

name        description  
stage 1     4+ years  
stage 2     without armbands  
stage 3     unaided  
stage 4     front crawl, back crawl, introducing breast stroke  
stage 5     breast stroke with  revision of front crawl and back crawl  
stage 6     introducing deep water, revision of strokes and jumping in  
stage 7     three strokes to 25m and introducing sitting dive  
stage 8     bronze challenge, personal survival 1 and stroke development  
stage 9     silver challenge, personal survival 2 and stroke development  
stage 10     gold challenge  
aquatic skills     advanced swim skills, distance and stamina, basic rescues  

payment information

All customers must have a key card to enable them to book into the swim school. If you are entitled to a concession rate, there will be a cost of £5.80 for the card and it must be renewed annually at this cost. Annual status key cards costs £8.50.

Lesson fees can be paid annually in advance or monthly (Direct Debit).

You may cancel your membership at any time provided you give one clear calendar month’s written notice for direct debit members and one month’s clear calendar notice before your renewal date for annual members


class length

   monthly DD    annual
30 minute standard   £35.00   £385.00
30 minute status   £30.40   £334.00
30 minute concession   £19.20   £211.00
45 minute standard   £52.30   £575.00
45 minute status   £44.80   £492.00
45 minute concession   £28.00   £308.00

Please be aware that if you start in a 30 minute class and move to a 45 minute class, the direct debit will be increased for the next available month payment. The same goes for moving from a 45 minute to a 30 minute but the cost will be decreased.

class programme

Use the link below to view the class programme PDF file. Please speak to reception to check availability.

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