We are open - what to expect

Join us for gym, fitness classes, badminton, squash, table tennis and 3G football activities

August 3 2020

We are open - what to expect

your freedom matters - we are back!

We are excited to welcome everyone back to the leisure centre for the following activities

  • gym
  • group exercise classes
  • badminton
  • squash
  • table tennis
  • 3G football

Please book online up to 7 days in advance for all activities (except 3G football which can be booked by telephone 01483 771122 from Thursday 23 July ).

what to expect when returning to the centre

We aim to keep our centre as fun and friendly as it has always been whilst complying with all social distancing regulations.

Please take a few minutes to read through this information which outlines the necessary changes we’ve made around our facilities.


general changes

There will be clear signage showing the routes you are required to take around the centre and areas that are out of use.  If in any doubt, please keep to the left hand side in corridors and on stairs at all times.

Changing rooms and showers will be unavailable at this time.  Customers are asked to come prepared and to shower and change at home.

Our staff will be on hand as always but please remember to respect the social distancing rule when requesting assistance from our team members.

Our gym equipment will be spaced out to allow social distancing at all times.  

The following areas will be unavailable initially:

  • Changing areas and showers
  • Soft play & creche
  • Health suite (Heatwaves)


We have implemented and enhanced our cleaning regime throughout the centre.  All areas will be cleaned regulalrly.  It is essential that members clean down each machine after use – equipment may not be shared unless it has been cleaned down between uses.

Hygiene stations are available in all high-touch areas offering hand sanitiser and medical-grade disinfectant and sanitising wipes.

Personal gym towels are permitted but please use wipes and paper towels provided when cleaning down equipment and dispose of them after each use.

booking – gym & studio

All fitness sessions at the centre MUST be booked in advance.  You will no longer be able to just walk into the centre for your workout.  You can book your session online and you can book up to 7 days in advance.  You will need to ensure you have proof of your booking to gain entry.  You will be able to book up to 5 sessions per week and may only participate in one activity per visit.

Please ensure you arrive for your allotted session on time.  Late entrants will still be required to leave after their session and will not be permitted to stay longer.  This will allow us time to clean the area before the next session and to allow as many people as possible to use the facility each day.

PLEASE CANCEL if you can't attend and free the space up for others


Ideally customers should bring their own mats for classes. If using our centre mats please ensure these are fully sanitised after use.

Some of our classes will be taking place in our sports hall so that we can maximise capacity whilst still staying safe and practicing social distancing. 

All class equipment will be thoroughly cleaned between sessions.

Our virtual studios will be open but must be booked as with any other area within the centre.  Users are asked to respect strict physical distancing when using these areas.

Extra time will be allowed in between classes for cleaning.

Class start times will be staggered to avoid congestion at reception and outside the studios

Due to limited spaces please only book one activity per visit.

PLEASE CANCEL if you can't attend and free the space up for others

what we need from you

Please DO NOT come to the centre if you are feeling unwell.

Please take responsibility for social distancing measures by adhering to the floor markings and posters and avoid congregating with others before and after classes/sessions.

Please don’t arrive more than 5 minutes prior to your booking.

Please ensure you wipe down all equipment before and after use using the sanitisation wipes or spray provided.

Please leave all valuables at home and only bring your essentials – there will be water bottles available to purchase but water fountains will not be in use. No cash payments will be taken.

Please ensure you swipe your membership card on entry to allow us to keep track of attendance

Please be kind.  Respect others and respect our staff who are working hard to ensure all the rules and regulations are followed that will allow us to remain open.

If you wish to wear a mask to train then please do, we will, however, not be enforcing the wearing of masks

We would ask members NOT to wear disposable gloves whilst in the facility but to sanitise your hands before/after using each piece of equipment.

Please arrive dressed for your activities. The changing rooms and showers will not be open.

Please bring a padlock suitable for the lockers - for your safety coin operated lockers will not be available.

PLEASE CANCEL if you can't attend and free the space up for others.