Freedom Leisure and EMD UK launch group exercise courses for referral patients

December 4 2018

Freedom Leisure have teamed up with EMD UK to launch group exercise courses for exercise referral patients. 

GP referral

Industry research suggests that exercising in a group environment is superior to training alone due to a variety of reasons, the reality is that whether working out independently or in a group each has its pro's and con's.

Although we do everything we can to make our customers feel at ease within our facilities we understand that at times the gym can be intimidating for people who are unfamiliar with the environment.  As we're always looking to improve and offer variety to our members, we've decided to team up with EMD UK to create an exercise environment that has the all the benefits of a personalised rehabilitation programme with the added benefit of being in an instructor led class environment for the duration of the course.

We've designed two courses, that we feel will cover a broad spectrum of health related recovery protocols.

GP referral

Our first 12 week wellbeing course will focus on flexibility, posture, core strength and overall mind and body wellness. Great for people with mobility restrictions, Neuro conditions, low confidence and stress issues.

Our second 12 week wellbeing course will focus on movement, bodyweight exercises, core stability and increasing overall calorie expenditure.

Both courses provide a wide range of exercises in an easy to follow format that will help with a number of health related issues, speed up recovery and improve the way you feel.

The courses will be held at Withdean Sports Complex and Portslade Sports Centre and will be run by our exercise referral consultants starting in January.

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