Junior Strength Club Starting 13th September

August 17 2017

Join our six week Junior stength club starting 13th September at 4.30pm. £75 for 6 weeks, bookable at reception.

Freedom Leisure will be starting a 6 week junior strength course this September. 

Aimed at the junior athlete or sports person looking to build a solid foundation to improve their sports performance.


Starting off with a basic movement screen to assess a starting point bio- mechanically for each junior. They will then be coached and progressed on four lifts: the deadlift, squats, bench press and shoulder press.


Based at Withdean Sports Complex the sessions will be coached by Dominic Barette

Only 6 places available for boys and girls ages 14 to 15 years of age.


For more details e-mail dominic.barette@freedom-leisure.co.uk

"Withdean junior strength club really helped with my strength and performance, i was already playing rugby and being able to train with an experienced coach in a gym environment really helped me develop my skills"

P Skelton
contact us for more information or call 01273 542100