Great news – works will be starting on the soft play development at WSC that over 80% of customers surveyed agreed or strongly agreed with to develop and enhance the site.

The customer survey carried out at the beginning of the year has been really valuable in helping us design the facility to ensure it meets the needs of as many users as possible and takes on board as many of the extensive number of comments submitted as possible.

Please find a summary below highlighted what you said, and what we have done.

You said

We did

You would like better toilet provision and ideally toilets specifically allocated for the soft play area


We have included 4 toilets within the soft play facility.

Better facilities and access for those with mobility issues or disabilities


We have included a platform lift to enable access to both floors of the area and 2 of the 4 toilets are accessible

Specific provision for pre school children.


We have a play area designed specifically for toddlers, including sensory elements, which is accessed separately to the main frame. We have also included baby changing tables in every toilet

Over 60% said you would like supervised sessions for the Under 5s


We are finalising the programme of activities but there will be  a number of morning sessions that are supervised so parents can drop their little one into the facility and work out on site

You would like specific sessions for children with SEND


The programme is still being finalised – but we are committed to providing at least one session every week with reduced capacity and therefore quieter which will be specifically for SEND families and children

Over 70% of respondents said they would use the soft play area for their child’s birthday party.


We have designed the facility so the seating area on the lower floor links with the adjacent room so access can be provided for party teas if desired.

You said it would be good if the facility could be available to and offer more to older children


The play frame will look different to a traditional soft play frame and will include an interactive element to the soft play to enable older children to compete with themselves and others 

Prices need to be affordable

We are still finalising the prices for the facility but recognise pricing is key.