myride at withdean sports complex

Withdean Sports Complex is proud to be at the forefront in the latest development in indoor cycling with our unique facility for the Brighton and Hove area

Our fully air conditioned venue has 22 Matrix S-series bikes with ANT+ enabled consoles. The room also features an atmospheric colour changing light system and kicking sound system. To help immerse you in your ride the Myride system is displayed on a big projection screen and gives us the capability of offering you around 80 sessions per week coached or with a virtual trainer. 

MyRide classes

MyRide Live - The full MyRide experience to give you an unparalleled workout. Live instructors create a high energy environment to help you stay motivated and get most from your session. We will be running 30, 45 and 60 minute classes throughout the week at peak times.

MyRide Coach - A class with a virtual instructor to guide you through your workout. Perfect for all levels of difficulty this style of class is for people who prefer an instructor who is on the screen the whole time to coach and motivate you to focus on having a great fitness ride.

MyRide World Tour - Stunning real world locations on screen with the help of a virtual coach to help you get the most from your ride. Coaching information and cues are displayed on screen and are audible through the sound system.

Myride is my favourite class at Withdean Sports Complex. I love the instructors that teach it and it's something that no other gym in the area has

Ross Beckett


Do I need to book a MyRide class?
The virtual classes do not require booking. The live coached classes do require booking as demand for space will be higher.

How do I get started on MyRide? 
First time users of the MyRide system must register at reception and obtain a MyRide information pack prior to use. Customers attending Virtual or Live classes must visit and register at reception and obtain the door access codes and a receipt for their ride. Each class includes 5 minutes of bike set up and instruction to ensure you are set up safely and correctly.

What should I wear and bring to a MyRide class?
Please wear appropriate clothing for cycling; you must bring a sweat towel; bring a drink in a sports bottle (there is also a water machine in the MyRide studio).

How much does a MyRide class cost?
MyRide classes are included in all standard membership options. Additional charges apply to all other categories of user. View our activity prices here.

contact us for more information or call 01273 542100