Gym and Fitness

Our gym is equipped with an extensive range of cardiovascular and resistance stations, you’ll be working out in safe and comfortable surroundings. 

At Westbridge Park Fitness Centre, we have a wide range of classes so you are bound to find the right one to suit you. You can be sure that you’ll have a great time building your fitness and improving your self-confidence

Westbridge Park Fitness Centre is an Inclusive Fitness Facility

The Inclusive Fitness Initiative (IFI) operates around five key principles: accessible facilities; inclusive fitness equipment; staff with appropriate training and skills; appropriate, inclusive marketing strategies; and the development of alternative inclusive sporting opportunities.

There is a massive range of inclusive fitness equipment suitable for a whole variety of users, ranging from dumbells to Olympic barbells, a varierty of grips and handles for the cable machines, tactile stability balls, wobble boards, plyo boxes to help improve co-ordination and motor skills, to the more traditional gym equipment such as treadmills and bikes. If you are interested in using the fitness centre at Westbridge Park, staff are trained to produce a tailor made exercise programme, offer support, and monitor progress.