Exciting new gym equipment at The Village

February 12 2019

We are pleased to announce the arrival of new state of the art Technogym equipment

The gym has been transformed by the arrival of new Technogym equipment.  The new equipment includes:

  • three new treadmills
  • one Excite Climb, which is a really popular machine with both men and women to shape lower body and improve coordination and balance and includes some excellent built in features to challenge your normal step routine  
  • two  new Vario Cross trainers, which double as a step machine
  • two Synchro Elliptical Cross trainers, giving a versatile low impact workout
  • two new rowers 
  • one Octane Airdyne bike, a great piece of kit for a high intensity all body workout 
  • a new Leg Press
  • two new benches
  • mats and medicine balls.
contact us for more information or call 01883 716717