National Pool Lifeguard Qualification at Tenbury Swimming Pool

July 23 2018
We are running an NPLQ course at Tenbury Swimming Pool this summer. Read on for further details!

Course details

The Royal Life Saving Society National Pool Lifeguard Qualification course (NPLQ), covered over 36 hours plus an external assessment (normally over 5 or 6 days), will qualify you to work as a Lifeguard in any public swimming pool. The NPLQ course is recognised by all the professional bodies in leisure, and will help employers and operators meet their legal requirements to provide qualified and competent Lifeguards. All skills and knowledge gained are also valuable outside of work and one day may help save someone’s life.

syllabus and pre requisites

The NPLQ covers a wide range of topics within its syllabus including:  
-    The principles of pool lifeguarding
-    In-water rescue and spinal injury management
-    Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)
-    First aid
-    The application of supervision and rescue in a swimming pool


-    Must be at least 16 years old at the start of the course
-    Attend all sessions to be eligible for final assessment
-    Swim efficient breast-stroke and have some knowledge of sidestroke
-    Jump/dive into deep water
-    Swim 50 metres in less then 60 seconds
-    Swim a minimum of 100 metres on their back and front continuously
-    In deep water, tread water for at least 30 seconds
-    Surface dive to the floor of the pool at its deepest point
-    Climb out of the pool unaided without using the ladder/steps

assessment, certification and re-certification

At the end of the course there is a formal assessment by an independent examiner when trainees must demonstrate the skills and knowledge learnt during the course.  Trainees will receive a certificate after successful completion of the course, and the qualification lasts for two years. If you complete the required criteria of training over the duration of your qualification then you can be re-assessed at the end of the two year period, or you can attend another full course.