Swimathon 2020

Our Swimathon takes place on Saturday 28 March

January 1 2020

Cancer Research UK and Marie Curie are calling on the nation to get down to the pool for Swimathon 2020 – thousands of swimmers, two great causes, one big charity challenge.

On Saturday 28 March Tandridge Leisure Centre will host the Swimathon and the distances are:

400m,1.5k,2.5k &5k. NEW Triple 5k!

Participants can join as an individual or got their friends, family and colleagues together to enter the 1.5k or 5k team challenges


was a lovely event listening to every swimmer's story and watching them swim for something dear to them

spectator observation

A distinctly average swimmer’s blog 27 March 2019:

One of 2019's paticipants witty motivational story, below!

Sunday 7:00am: “why aren’t you ready to go swimming?” asks my 12 year-old daughter…..8:30am, 50 lengths completed (she can be persuasive), feeling reasonably pleased, but at the same time slightly worried as my daughter has taken great delight in swimming both faster and further.

Tuesday 7:30pm: Inspired by the Work Strategy/team day I head to the pool, where I seem to know far too many people, so pressure is on. Swim 70 lengths and more importantly could have swum at least a few more, although will need to swim 30 more on the day.

Wednesday – Friday: I believe that one should not overdo things in the run up to the big day, so training is now completed (I have been swimming since January, but you get just the one blog) and I shall now investigate whether a change in diet might be in order (wondering if airy foods such as popcorn could aid buoyancy)

Saturday 4:00pm: The big day, time of swim has just been allotted, wondering what colour swim cap I will be given and optimistic that your kind gestures will make all the difference!