New interactive gaming experiences at Summerfields

December 5 2019

There is a growing demand to find new ways of increasing physical activity in a fun and innovative way. Freedom Leisure have invested £45,000 into creating interactive leisure experiences to capture the imagination of all ages and abilities.

Bridging the gap between virtual and physical

Interactive climbing wall

Our new augmented climbing wall experinece uses projected graphics along with body tracking technology to create an interactive gaming experience. The climbing wall can provide a variety of functions, offering activities from fun games through to challenging training applications. The wall brings the sport of climbing to a whole new audience, merging climbing and video gaming.


Combining physical education and interactive team building for people living in the digital age.


The challenge facing society is to make physical activity fun enough to help people, in particular the younger generation to adopt a more healthy lifestyle.

The MultiBall system supports this ideology by turning a wall into a large gaming console with a touchscreen that's sensitive to ball or hand enabling individuals or groups of people to play a variety of both fun and educational games.

Augmented climbing wall experience


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