mummy fit

April 15 2019
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Get fitter & tone up after giving birth

Introducing our mummy fit 6 week fitness and nutrition aerobics course aimed at new mums who have recently given birth (and have been given the all clear to exercise by a doctor).

Bring along your baby and let them sleep/play/watch while you take part in a Legs, Bums & Tums type studio class with plenty of Pilates type conditioning stretches to engage the core and work the pelvic floor.

This class is aimed at new mums who want to start exercising but have childcare issues. Babies are welcomed into the class while you work out. Tha class is very relaxed allowing you to stop exercise if you need to attend to your baby at any point.

The 6-week course commencing on Wednesday June 5th 10.30-11.15am costs just £18. Spaces are limited so booking is recomended.