Drums Alive

November 29 2018

I love this class, I actually forgot I was exercising during the session but boy did I feel it afterwards.


More Drums Alive classes added to the timetable

Saturday morning Drums Alive has returned with our newly qualified instructor Theresa Antink. New music, new instructor and new routines have arrived.

Drums Alive blends your inner Rock God with exercise. Drumming on large inflatable balls to the beat of the music allows your body to go through a full range of movements and work all the main muscle groups while elevating your heart rate.

Catch Drums Alive every Tuesday with Zara 9.35-10.20am & Saturday 9.30-10.15am with Theresa

From Jan 2nd 2019 we are adding in two more classes. Every Wednesday

8.00-9.00pm & Friday 5.30-6.15pm with Theresa