Already a Climber

Our climbing wall certainly offers enough to tempt even the most seasoned of climbers, with a wide range of features and regular route sets. There is always something new and exciting to throw yourself at.

Whether you prefer climbing on delicate slab, juggy overhang or anything in-between there is plenty to choose from.

 Registration is quick and simple, requiring a self-declaration stating that you are a competent climber. This means that you can correctly fit a climbing harness, tie on with a rethreaded figure of eight knot and can safely operate a belay device. Successful registration also allows you to sign in and supervise up to two novice climbers.



Casual Climbing*- £4.60 members, £5.70 non-members. 

Happy Hour*- £4.40 without equipment hire, £5.40 With equipment hire. Thursday 16.00-18.00, Saturday and Sunday 14.00-17.00

Click here to see our full price list You can also call Sport Martley on 01886 888999 or click here to contact us via email

*For competent climbers (able to safely put on a harness, tie a correct figure of 8 knot and perform a safe and effective belay technique).