New to the gym?

September 9 2021

Book an induction or Coaching session.

We recommend anyone new to using the gym books an induction with one of our gym staff, during this induction we will discuss your goals with you, what exercises are suitable for you, how to use the equipment and write a programme for you to follow. Even if you have used the gym before, members can book up to 5 free coaching sessions, where one of our gym team can assess your current fitness level, what you want to achieve and advise you on how to get most out of your sessions.

Don’t compare yourself to others.

We are proud that our friendly gyms are for the whole community and we welcome all ages and abilities. Our GP referral scheme also means we are able to offer a safe place for people who want to exercise with a wide range of health conditions. Every person’s fitness journey is unique, each member walked through the doors for the very first time once. Stick to your plan and focus on your own goals. If at any time you would like to try a new exercise or use a different machine, just ask one of our gym team who will be happy to show you to ensure you do the exercise correctly and safely.

Build your training over time.

Whether you are new to the gym or returning after a hiatus, be sure not to push yourself too hard too fast. It’s great to be enthusiastic about your new fitness regime, but training 5 days a week when you are just starting out is likely to leave you tired, aching and increase your risk of injury! We recommend 2/3 sessions a week to start with, that gives your body time to recover in between each session, which is an important part of training. As you get more accustomed to it, you can increase the volume and intensity if you wish.

Mix it up

Following a set programme in the gym is not the only way to improve your fitness. We recommend you mix up your activities to keep workouts fresh and challenge different muscle groups. Add a swimming session to your weekly routine or perhaps a stretching class to aid muscle recovery?

Be kind to yourself

There will be days when things don’t go to plan, you may not feel up to doing your usual workout, or you may not have as much time as you expected. We always recommend that something is better than nothing, so even if you shorten your workout, or work at a lower intensity, or even do something completely different, it will still have a benefit. That said, if you do find you have to miss a session due to other life circumstances, don’t let it demotivate you, just carry on at your next session.   

Finally and most importantly, the secret to long term fitness success is doing what you enjoy, so make sure you are having fun!

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