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We want you to be active with peace of mind

June 24 2021

A lot of planning has been done to ensure we meet the COVID safety guidance set out by Government, so we can provide a safe and secure environment for everyone who is using our centres.


our freedom leisure - customer guarantee

If you are a member paying for Fitness, Learn to Swim or any other type of membership we guarantee you won’t lose out if we have to close. If our centres are forced to close due to a local or national lockdown, we will make sure you do not pay for a service that you are unable to use.

We want to give everyone the ‘confidence and reassurance’ to use our Centres now and in the future. If we do have to close we will be in touch to let you know what will happen with your payments so please do not cancel your direct debit.

Where possible we will suspend payments so that when we are able to reopen your membership is still live and you can get back to enjoying the facilities at your local centre. We will rearrange any block bookings, courses or birthday parties that have been paid for in advance to a suitable date after re-opening.

When we are able to re-open safely, we will contact you so you can get back to your local centre as soon as you can.

This is an important time in which we all need to stay active to support both mental and physical health.

Freedom Leisure – Where your health matters


*Terms and Conditions apply:

  1. The CUSTOMER GUARANTEE will apply to all existing Direct Debit and Annual members at the date the centre has to close.
  2. Rearrangement of bookings only applies to activities that were due to happen during the period of closure
  3. The CUSTOMER GUARANTEE is valid until 31.07.2021
  4. Standard Membership Terms and Conditions Apply
  5. Your Statutory Rights are not affected