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June 1 2017
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The Queensway Gym refurbishment .

As part of the Welsh Goverment Sports facilities capital loan secured by Wrexham County Borough Council, the gym at Queensway has been refurbished and designed by Freedom Leisure to offer a unique opportunity for our customers to exsperience the world of strength and conditioning which is growing in popularity across the UK.

As well as offering a selection of resistance machines, we have added a further element of strength and conditioning kit for everyone - from everyday users wanting to get a bit fitter and stronger to sports athletes needing to maximise their potential.

In addition to the extended resistance conditioning area, there is now a brand new dedicated cardio vascular room with all your favourite aerobic equipment to improve your general fitness foundation.




Our vision is to provide a simple gym experience in a friendly safe and supportive training environment by offering a range of proven exercise equipment for everyone. We want to help our members train a little smarter to reap the rewards from effective workouts to enhance their lifestyle choices.

Mark Glasson - Centre Manager

Main features of Reistance Area include:

Olympic Half Power Rack, (for squats and pressing movements, plus chins, pullups and dips attachments) Olympic Smith mathine (attached Olympic bar for safer lifting ), Olympic Flat Bench Press, ( Chest development), Olympic Platform ( to practise Olympic / Power Lifting techniques & 'big lifts') Olympic Scott Preacher Curl ( for arm development), double and single cable stations ( offering a multiude of various exercise movments), and a huge range of Dumbells from 2 Kg to 50 Kg.

Main features of the Cardio Room are:

Brand new cardio machines from Technogym, Life Fitness and Concept.

5 X Treadmills, ( some with individual TV entertainment) with reactive speed controls (especially usful for interval workouts) and reduced deck height for ease of access and egress.

3 X Varios ( cross trainers which provide a fluid and natural movement to suit each person's height and stride length). A great low impact cardio workout.

2 X Upright Bikes and 1 X Recline Bike (offering a variety of positions to assist rider comfort, accessibility and performance).

2 X Spinning Bikes (to replicate the sensation of riding a real bike. Also performance can be monitored and recorded onto unique downloadable app for those with smartphones to retrieve a full evaluation of your workouts).

1 X Conept 2 Rower and 1 X Ski Erg (providing a total body workout. Especially useful for those members who have a limited window of opportunity to exercise during the day).



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