We are pleased to welcome you all to our brand new fitness studio! With 100’s of classes running every month, we are confident we will have a class to suit everyone’s needs and abilities.

From the early risers to those looking for a way to wind down after the days stresses, there’s a class for everyone, at every time.  

Classes such as MoveIt, Yoga and Pilates will make up the core of our new exercise class timetable, so there are plenty of ways to burn calories, work on your strength or just help your body rest and recover. If any of these classes seem like a fit for you, have a browse of our timetable and book your place today!



Our MoveIt programme is designed to achieve the maximal post exercise benefits of HIIT training, developing rest aerobic and anaerobic capacity to new levels.

Participants move through a series of workout zones; MOVEIT has six specific zones – lift, move, function, core, run, and recovery.
With intervals and equipment like kettlebells, core momentum trainers, Bulgarian and corebags, the TYR and a whole host of other cool functional training kit.

With dynamic calorie burning functional exercises, this high intensity interval training program can be tailored for all ages and abilities.


A fun and challenging way to build strength from the inside out, rebalancing the body and bringing it into alignment. Pilates is a fantastic way to develop your core strength in a peaceful and relaxing environment.


A class focused on gradually improving the flexibility of the body and joints, Yoga is perfect for people of all abilities and those looking to work on various health factors such as reducing blood pressure, reliving joint and muscle pain among many others.

Stretch and Core

Strretch and Core is aimed at improving flexibility and building essential core strength and stability, this class includes a range of holds and stretches focused on improving posture and blood circulation.

Supple Strength

Supple Strength is a mixture of body weight and resistance training, Supple Strength aims to tone and strengthen muscles whilst improving general fitness levels and core stability.