Leisure Loop in Brighton and Hove

Leisure Loop in Brighton and Hove


Imagine 8928 Olympic sized swimming pools full of waste. 

Now imagine a hole big enough to fit them all in. 

Sadly, in the UK this amount of waste is being buried beneath our feet each year. 

Despite growing progress, the last UK Government report stated over 20% of all waste collected was still recorded as being sent to landfills. Unfortunately, the leisure sector also contributes to this problem. 

The demand for smarter recycling solutions is needed more than ever. 


Eco Leisure Supplies who have spearheaded this revolution in regards to pool waste have supplied hundreds of pools with recycle points. With your support we will fill these with used pool waste such as Flip flops, Goggles, Floats, armbands, kickboards, pull buoys & Swim caps. 

The waste will be processed into new products for the industry. Products that include flip flops made from pool waste!  

Pool waste that would normally be discarded into landfills, can now be collected, recycled and reformed into new products for the leisure industry.  

Each box contains approximately 15KG of waste. With each of our pools in Brighton and Hove filling their boxes, along with hundreds of other leisure facilities option in, the aim is to reach the campaign goal of 15 tonnes of waste by the end of 2022. 



Nothing. Just ensure that when you have finished with your pool supplies you drop them off at one of our Leisure Loop boxes. We will do the rest!