Free friend Fridays

Bring a friend to workout with you every Friday at Portslade Sports Centre.

June 19 2018

Bring a friend with you to workout together, every Friday at Portslade Sports Centre.

That's right, Every Friday you can bring a friend with you for free to gym or classes.

Studies show that working our in pairs can really help you get the results and you will motivate eachother to push harder and help you with really getting the most from your workouts. 
Take advantage of free workouts together every friday. You may even then decide to join up together. 

We will work with you to go through your interests, goals, areas you wish to tone/reshape or strengthen and develop. 

One of our trainers will then develop a training plan for you working together to progress you gradually to your goals at your pace.

With Portslade sports centre you can trust that we have the programme and knowledge to help you reach your goals. 

contact us for more information or call 01273 411100