Technogym Mywellness Cloud

December 12 2016

download the Mywellness app NOW

11 reasons why you should download the Mywellness app NOW – especially if you plan to use the new gym at perdiswell.

To enhance your use of the brand new state-of-the-art Perdiswell Centre  – we urge all local fitness fans to download the FREE Mywellness app now!

…Even if you’re not normally an “app person”

  • Already having this app downloaded upon arrival at the new centre will mean you can get in and cracking much more quickly – speeding up your journey through the new centre, especially during the busier opening period 
  • You may also be able to beat any queues – as the easy app registration process means you are already registered to use the kit at the gym 
  • It’s FREE – yes really!  
  • It’s for everyone – Ok, so Mywellness is an app by TechnoGym, the Premier World Leader Fitness and Wellness Equipment provider!!! But the app isn’t just for die-hard gym goers – it’s for everyone, yes, even you! 
  • TechnoGym have kitted out the Perdiswell gym with its latest gear, so this app will really allow you to get the most out of your gym visits 
  • Whether you are new to the centre or a long-time member, this app is the must-have for all visitors 
  • It’s not just for gym users though – this app will help you benefit from classes, swimming, sport and any outdoor activities you do 
  • It will also make your workout experience more personal, fun and effective, allowing you to improve your fitness routine by syncing with the gym equipment, track your workouts and access your data on the go 
  • It’s secure - there is no need to worry about your data security, as no payment details are required, it simply holds  a few fitness details for use with the gym equipment 
  • It’s compatible with iphones and Android phones and is easy to download – however, if you would like some help downloading Mywellness, simply pop into the centre before the 7th January opening day and the team will help you 
  • You can always delete it again if you find that you don’t need it – it doesn’t take up any memory on your phone and, we will say it again, it’s FREE!  

A bit more info about why you should use the Mywellness app:

TRAINING: get your personalised and complete training program including cardio, strength, classes and all types of activities; access free exercise instructions and videos; keep track of your results automatically by signing in to mywellness directly on Technogym equipment, wherever you are in the world

MOTIVATION: Mywellness app gives you a weekly goal of activities to complete based on your lifestyle

OUTDOOR ACTIVITY: keep track of your outdoor activities directly via the Mywellness app or automatically synchronise the data you have stored in other applications such as RunKeeper and MapMyFitness

FUN: join the challenges organised by your facility, train and improve your challenge ranking in real time

CUSTOMIZATION: create your Technogym account and sign in using the Mywellness application directly on Technogym equipment. How? Just scan the QR code on the machines’ display

BODY MEASUREMENTS: keep track of your measurements (weight, body fat, etc.) and check your progress over time