LETS GET MOVING - Lets Move For A Better World at Perdiswell Leisure Centre.

March 8 2018

Let’s Move For A Better World.

Looking for one more good reason to get up and go to the gym?
Technogym, the world’s leading Wellness and fitness company, has just launched the new edition of Let’s Move for a Better World, the social campaign which enables you to do good for yourself and make a difference for others.

In 2014, Technogym launched its global campaign Let's Move for a Better World in line with its mission. The initiative aims to raise community awareness of sedentariness and obesity while promoting exercise as an ideal way to combat them.
And it does so in an addictive and fun way!

From 12 to 31 March 2018 everyone training on Technogym equipment in almost 1000 fitness centres and Perdiswell is one of them. Taking part in the campaign across 29 countries around the world will have the chance to contribute to a good cause and donate pieces of Technogym equipment to a non-profit organization within their local community: a good way to get fit and help others get more active at the same time right?!.

Discover Let's Move for a Better World

The more you train, the more you donate! To take part in ‘Let’s Move for a Better World’, you just need to join Perdiswell, Get a Techno gym Key and then sign up ‘Let’s Move for a Better World’ on Challenge to collect as many MOVEs (Technogym’s unit of measure for movement) as you can.

Download the Technogym App and start exercising: it’s going to be good for you and for others. The more active Perdiswell is, the more their collected Moves, and the bigger their donation.