Active Children are Happier

November 12 2019

18% of children in Swansea are inactive, that’s 7500 children! Freedom Leisure is here to help.

We would love to come to your school and help get your pupils more active with our fun to learn assembly and physical activity classes.

“The most important part about our activity days is that the children have fun. We want to show them how being active, healthy and kind to your body is fun, easy and something they already know how to do. We’ve worked with KS1, KS2 and STF classes to encourage children to be active. Showing them fun games they can play at break or giving teachers ideas on how to make their classes more active is our bread and butter!”

Robyn Lock, Active Communities Manager Swansea

Increased confidence, increased concentration in school, increased mental health, healthier heart, lungs and bones as well as the long term health benefits such as lowering the risk of some cancers, heart diseases and depression when they get older.

However, keeping children active is not the norm in modern society. Lifestyles have become more sedentary as we rely on technology for every-day tasks and exercise is lower on the ever increasing to-do list.

But is your child really doing the recommended daily activity?

The World Health Organisation recommends that children between the ages of 0 – 5 years are active for 3 hours of the day; children who are 5 up to the age of 18 should be doing at least 1 hour of vigorous to moderate exercise every day. For adults, it’s recommended that they are active every day for at least 30 minutes.

Are you and, more importantly, your pupils active enough? Are you helping the children in your school develop the muscle strength and bone density they need to complete everyday tasks when they are older? Are you allowing them to develop the social and cognitive skills associated with growing up and being happy?

We would love to come along and deliver a fun morning session at your school to engage your class into being more active, please get in touch.

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