Singing for Health

November 3 2017

It is proven that singing is great for both physical and mental well being.

Singing has been shown to support a wealth of health benefits, both physically and mentally. Experienced singing-for-wellbeing facilitator Marina will be leading our new weekly group singing classes.

Sessions are designed for boosting our overall wellbeing, having fun, developing our vocal technique and creating a great sound. We will draw from a variety of musical styles both old and new, and will incorporate favourite songs as requested by the group. New members are always warmly welcome

Sessions are run by singing teacher Marina in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. There are no auditions or solos just lots of fun.

October – 7th 21st

September – 9th 23rd

August - 12th 26th                 

November – 4th 18th

December – 2nd 16th 30th

11am – 1pm


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