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October 8 2019

Brought back to life by our Leisure Centre team

In October 2018, Roy Griffiths suffer a cardiac arrest on one of his routine swim sessions. The team at Morriston were able to provide life-saving first aid and Roy had to take the time out of his regular swimming routine to recover.

Roy Griffiths, with the help of our staff, doctors and paramedics in the NHS and National Exercise Referral Scheme (NERS) staff, has made a full recovery.

It’s with a full heart that we welcome Roy, aged 66, back to the pool and now as a new gym member. Roy is back to his regular routine of swimming 3 times a week.  

Since being on the NERS programme I have seen the benefits of being in the gym as well as swimming, so I am looking forward to training in gym now I am back. Thanks to Phil on the NERS team I am now in the gym three times a week too. I feel amazing, my blood pressure has come down and my doctors have told me my cardiac output has increased by 10%. Getting back to health has been my motivator, I didn’t want to be defined by the cardiac arrest. Exercise has always been a big part of my life and as I get older it’s more important that I stay active, not only for my health but for my mind and social life. The team at Morriston and the people who train there are like a second family to me

Roy Griffiths

We are delighted to welcome Roy back to the centre, and over the moon that he has done so well in his recovery! It is important to us that our centres are operated to extremely high standards and I am extremely proud of the team for executing the perfect rescue, CPR and first aid procedures, which meant that Roy had the best possible care and paramedics with him in the fastest possible time. It was great to meet his family and to be able to celebrate together this good news story.

Jim Kelly - Morriston General Manager

After Roy’s cardiac arrest he was out of his exercise routine for 6 months. He was unable to drive, had to undergo extensive surgery, had to stay off his feet for 12 weeks and attend rehab in Morriston Hospital for 6 weeks. He was then referred into the National Exercise Referral Scheme (NERS) by his doctors.

Being active has been a huge part of Roy’s life and he isn’t prepared for that to change. He has been swimming for 10 years and is an advocate of keeping active.

Roy was admitted to Morriston Hospital after suffering a Cardiac Arrest while on poolside. He was then referred to a Cardiac Rehab Programme at Morriston Hospital, where he was closely monitored by medical team for a couple of weeks. When they were happy with Roy’s progression, he was then referred to the NERS Cardiac programme at Morriston Leisure Centre to be supervised by myself. On speaking to Roy one of the main things we needed to work on was to improve his confidence. He’s achieved everything he set out to do and he has been a pleasure to work with.

Phillip Williams - Roy's NERS trainer

Roy has been a huge inspiration to other members benefitting from NERS at Morriston. His bravery has helped others see the benefits of being active.

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