July Member Of The Month

July 3 2021


Sam is truly deserving of this member of the month. Sam is 16 years old and his first experience of the Manor leisure centre was 2 years ago at the age of 14 when he joined the Manor dolphins swimming club, something he continues to do.

At the age of 15, Sam joined the gym. At this stage Sam mainly did cardiovascular exercise with minimal resistance training. His main focus at that time was to improve his health and fitness, Sam continued with this until Covid-19 took hold.

During the lockdown, Sam began researching how to lift weights, mind muscle connection and various weight lifting techniques.

Upon the reopening of the centre, Sam incorporated all this new found knowledge into his own training and devised his own gym program to suit his goals, as well as to fit in with his time and availability.

Sam now currently uses the gym to help keep mentally focused, reduce stress and anxiety from the current climate we’re in, as well as an escape from studying and all the other activities he partakes in.

Since following his new gym routine, Sam has seen his physique change with an increase in muscle mass.

He has also found his passion for the gym grow, and is considering a career within the fitness industry. Sam is about to begin his further education with one of the subjects being BTEC sport, again a reflection of his passion for the gym, health and fitness and general wellbeing.

Sam is a busy young man, he trains in the gym 5 times a week, he swims 2 times a week and he also attends the Key Youth Theatre every week, another passion of Sam’s. All of this combined with his full time education.

Sam is an inspiration, and a positive role model for his peers. Sam is quick to share his time and new found knowledge with other gym users and has given up his own training time to help train with others just beginning their fitness journey.