Swim School Success!

January 23 2018

There is so much more to being part of our swim scheme than just learning to swim......

Congratulations to our swim school members James Hallett, and Jamie and Lily Graham who have all recently completed their Stage 9 in swimming and have also successfully swum a mile continuously!

James and Jamie started swimming together when they were only 4 years old and became friends through the scheme. Despite attending different schools, James and Jamie remained firm friends though swimming and advanced in the sport at a similar pace, often moving up stages at the same time.

The photo shows Jamie, Lily and James just after they had completed their mile swim. James' brother, Alexander, can also be seen in the photo supporting them.

A big well done to all three!

Our swimming lessons are not only a great place to learn to swim and develop new skills, it is also an excellent place to make friends and where great achievements are made.

The swimming  journey can start from only 3 months old and continue into a adulthood, why not start now? Give us a call on 01684 893423 to find out more....