Success in the pool at water polo and our new session!

October 30 2019

Charlotte Martin gained her first England cap at water polo this summer, after attending a national academy training camp in Hungary and being chosen as one of their top 15 year olds. Charlotte has spent years of dedication to swim training and water polo, travelling around the country for matches and training camps and being nominated for sports awards.

We are very proud of Charlotte. She began her journey in the pool at Malvern Splash with a crash course at the aged 5 and worked her way through the badge scheme from stage 2 to stage 9.  She then went on to join a competitive swim club and began combining it with water polo; a discipline which combines speed, strength, stamina as well as team work.

Charlotte is now looking forward to GB trials this month; selection will put her in another two year training programme working towards GB representation in 2020/21.

Well done Charlotte!

Although we cannot offer a session solely dedicated to water polo at the moment, we will be introducing a new fitness session for children that are at the top end of our swim scheme, or have finished the scheme but still love to swim!

This 45 minute class will continue to refine technique to an advanced level, as well as improve stamina, strength and speed. It will also include skills from open-water swimming, water polo and competitive lifesaving! We have also extended all of our Stage 8 and 9 classes to 45 minutes in duration to help make the sessions more effective and to deliver the award syllabus more easily. In addition, we have also introduced stage 10 classes!

The new fitness and multi-skills session will run on Wednesdays at 5.15pm, for more information on this session or to book your child in, give us a call on 01684893423 or enquire below.

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