Malvern Splash COVID Procedures

Malvern Splash COVID-19 Procedures

April 13 2021

Please see the following videos our of current COVID-19 procedures for Malvern Splash.

If you are unsure of any of our current procedures for swimming, swimming lessons or gym please watch the following videos.

For any swimming lessons please don’t arrive anymore that 5 minutes prior to the session and wait for the team to invite. Please bring your child “swim ready” and straight on to poolside.

Gym members are allowed to swipe through as before but we are still operating a capacity in the gym. If we reach this number it will be 1 in, 1 out.

We ask that all customers where face covering while moving between areas or while spectating for swimming lessons.

Thank you

Swimming Lessons part 1

Swimming Lessons part 2

Lane Swimming