Malvern Splash’s new General Manager – Nick Charlton

September 5 2017

Malvern Splash welcomes New Manager with a fresh approach to excellence in customer service and customer experience.

Malvern Splash, operated by Freedom Leisure in partnership with Malvern Hills District Council, has appointed new General Manager Nick Charlton to manage the centre and oversee over 50 staff members.

Nick, who has a real passion for Fitness has worked for Freedom Leisure since April 2015 most recently across Malvern and Worcester Contracts. He previously worked at Malvern Splash as the Sales Manager and is excited to be back, in his new role of General Manager. “It’s great to be back at Splash on a daily basis and see so many of the members I used to see are still using our facilities.”  “Football is my big passion and I used to play a lot but due to injuries and family commitments I have stopped now, I would always encourage everyone to be involved in some form of physical activity. You can often find me using the Gym at Splash but you can’t underestimate the benefits of just getting out for a walk with the dog”.

Nick adds, “What I love about Splash is that you can have children coming in from just being a few months old for their first ever swimming experience to some of our Gym users who are 90+. We have such a wide range of customers which makes every day different and a really special place to work.”

Nick has highlighted that improving the experience and service to all customers is a priority. The management and wider team will be tasked with taking a pro-active approach towards customer feedback to ensure everyone understands and is working always to deliver what our customers want from their visits at the Splash.

As part of this Excellence in Customer Service drive he is already looking forward to holding Malvern Splash’s first customer forum in the coming months to meet some of the members and improve the communication between customers and staff at Malvern Splash. Nick welcomes you to stop and have a chat when you see him around the Centre so feel free to say hello. “I have some plans for improvements we can make to the Centre and to the service we provide based on historical customer feedback but it would be nice to hear from our regulars first”. 

To find out more, call the centre directly on 01684 893423 or to let us know if you would like to attend our first customer forum and which days and times would work best for you please click below.