New Lockers in Fitness Changing Rooms

October 16 2019

We are pleased to give you an official update on the locker developments at Malvern Splash

Latest Update

Works to the locker facilities in the male and female Fitness Changing Rooms will commence the week of 21st October. The scale of works will run the length of the week which will cause some minor disruption to our fitness members. Please see the schedule below

Monday 21st & Tuesday 22nd - Removal of existing lockers 

Wednesday 23rd - Installation of new locker columns in male change

Thursday 24th - Final fitting in males in the morning before moving into female in afternoon

Friday 25th - Complete works by 12pm.


During this time the changing rooms will not be accessible to the public so please use the downstairs locker and shower facilities. We appreciate this causes some minor disruption but once completed we will have improved facilities for you to use.

Thank you


Working in partnership with Malvern Hills District Council, we are pleased to announce that there will be a full replacement of the fitness lockers within the male and female changing rooms on the first floor. Delivery is expected by early October, but we will update you again when we have an exact installation date.


The new lockers will work on a padlock system that we believe will solve the two main issues for lack of lockers at present. Firstly there is less maintenance with this system than the current coin operated function. We also believe that this will remove the issue or people reserving lockers as this will be easier to monitor. Once the new lockers are installed we will do regular checks on this and if padlocks are on lockers when the building isn’t open to customers then these will be removed to ensure all lockers are available and not being reserved.


We have installed some new fitting in the male changing rooms where the largest proportion of lockers was out of action. These work on the padlock function that will be used in the new lockers. We thank you for your patience with this matter and appreciate your ongoing support of the Centre.


You may bring your own padlocks but we will have some available for purchase from reception.


For any question please get in touch using the below contact details.

contact us for more information or call 01684 893423