Follow Kirsty's Swimming Journey

Follow Kirsty's journey as she learns to swim all over again in our Adult Lessons

October 28 2019

Follow Kirsty's progress as she learns to swim all over again in our adult lessons

Week 1

I had my first adult swim lesson and even with a fear of water I thoroughly enjoyed it. The first lesson was more of an assessment of what I can do, it's amazing how much you forget if you haven't been swimming for a long time, I had forgot everything. By the end of my lesson I am now able to put my face in the water and have started being able to control my aquatic breathing. I was extremely nervous when I started but when I had finished I was ecstatic that I had done it. Bring on my next lesson! 

I would tell anyone who is unsure or nervous to just give it a go. During the lessons you get to meet other people who are in the same position or were in same position before they started. Everyone was really friendly and supportive.

Week 2

During my second lesson we really focused on my breathing as well as working on my arm movements. It's really challenging trying to focus on doing both things at the same time and it can be a little frustratig if you dont get it right straight away but the teacher was really good. They tried to break down the different areas for me and used some floats to help get my arms in the right positions.

I'm looking forward to my next week where I will hopefully do a video so show everyone my progress.

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