Group Exercise Update

Group Exercise Update

November 21 2019

Please read up on the latest updates in Group Exercise. This covers December timetable and changes into January.


We’d like to keep you abreast of some developments relating to group exercise classes here at Malvern Splash.


Historically, participation levels within our classes reduces dramatically towards the 2nd half of December. We would like to provide you with as much continuity as possible throughout the month, and inform you of some changes too.


December 16th – 31st our Ignite classes will not run. Should regular participants need support during this period, our Fitness Motivators will be on hand at various times throughout the week and available to help you with your exercise selection.


Studio classes will run throughout the month, up until (and including) 23rd December. However, a small selection of classes will not run in the previous week, as our Instructors take a well-earned break. Our online booking will be updated thoroughly and we ask you to read the in-centre notice board to keep well-informed of these changes.


Group exercise classes and Ignite classes will return as normal from January 2nd.


The MyRide facility will be available throughout all centre opening times through the festive period.


In the New Year, our Wednesday night 1800 Body Pump class will be delivered by Carey. Our Thursday night offering will change slightly, however, with Body Pump being removed and Body Balance moving to the earlier time of 1915.


We are very proud of our group exercise offering here at the centre and would like to extend our thanks to you for your support and participation in our classes.


contact us for more information or call 01684 893423