Fitness & Group Exercise Update

Fitness & Group Exercise Update

July 16 2021

With the fantastic news that restrictions end on 19th July we thought we would update you on our current plans

From 19th we are able to remove all capacity limits in the gym and group exercise classes, we are sure that you will be as excited as us for this to happen. Obviously this will be fantastic to have more spaces available and hopefully bring to an end some of the frustrations with bookings in the recent months.


While we can increase restrictions there will still be a few classes that aren’t yet back to previous levels.  The class that is most impacted will be Body Pump which will only run at 13 spaces due to limited kit. We are doing our best to resolve this but there is currently a shortage this equipment and we are in contact with our suppliers. We do have larger capacity Body Pump classes running at Sport Dyson Perrins which are available on pay as you go or by upgrading to a connected membership.


Some of you may be aware that our longstanding Fitness Manager, Mark has now left us. We are pleased to announce that our new Fitness Manager will be starting in August. In the next few weeks we are working with reduced staff due to pre-booked annual leave, outgoing staff and have some staff isolating as per current guidance.


As a result we will have less availability to cover classes for the next few weeks. There will be a number of classes cancelled as we do not have the staff available to cover Instructor leave. Please be assured that this is a temporary problem and that we are doing all we can to train existing staff or recruit new instructors. We are taking these decisions now to avoid last minute cancellations which we know is much more frustrating for our customers. If we can reactively, get more classes on we absolutely will. A number of our spin classes will be running as MyRide sessions to ensure we do have an offering for this format. This has been updated online.


We are confident that from September onwards our group exercise programme will be looking much more like it did pre-COVID-19.


Thank you for your support.