Customer Communications: Update Your Details

July 11 2019

Customer Communications & Updates

We have recently undergone a number of changes in scheduled activities and updated terms to memberships where people have said they were unaware of changes. Along with recent customer feedback through our NPS survey it has been highlighted that communications though email and txt would be a key an improvement area for us.

We would like to ask that all customers who would like to hear from us about the Centre and its timetables & activities report to reception to update their details. We would like to check the following:

  • We have all the correct details (Email, Txt & Address)
  • You are opted in to hear about the relevant information for yourself.
  • Ensure you are using your card correctly so that you remain active in our database

If all of these things are completed then we can ensure that you will be getting all of the updates we currently send out via these platforms.

Thank you

contact us for more information or call 01684 893423