Swimming Lesson Re-opening

September 4 2020

We are very excited to start swim school lessons again from Monday the 7th Sept.

For the first initial start of swim school only lessons on a Mon, Wed, Thu & Friday will start. These lessons are heavily reduced in capacity with different times than usual. We have been ringing round as many swimmers as we can to get you booked on. If you haven’t got a space yet, don’t worry! You haven’t lost your space, things will evolve in time back to the usual lessons.
As you can imagine there are a lot of changes, please take note of the below:
  • Please gel your hands on arrival one of our designated sanitation stations.
  • Please arrive ‘beach ready’, this means to say to have your swimming costume on underneath clothes.
  • Please ensure that swimmers have gone to the toilet before lessons. We ask that this is done off site but in the event the toilets are needed in the centre, use of the foyer toilets and gym changing room toilets are to be used. Please respect the 1 way system around the centre as well as maintaining social distancing.
  • All swimmers will walk through the viewing area where they will ready for lessons before walking onto poolside.
  • Parents with children under 8 will have a disinterested spot on poolside and in dewis den.
  • Parents of children over 8, we ask of you to wait outside of the centre or in your car.
  • After the lesson, we ask that parents of swimmers under 8’s, can change in the changing pods in the viewing area and leave via the fire exit. If this is not possible changing rooms may be used.
  • All other swimmers are to change in the changing rooms. Please make sure you change as fast as practically possible to reduce the time in which people are within the changing rooms.
  •  Showers are not to be used.
  •  Our Swim School Coordinator Anna will be on hand throughout all lessons for the first week to aid people with the new style on lessons.
  • We are very excited to start swimming lessons and our teachers can’t wait to get back to it. However, please understand things will be very different in how we deliver lessons, in the meantime if you do have any queries please give us a ring or e-mail us at maldwyn@freedom-leisure.co.uk